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        Sitong display ,combined quality with inspiration !

        Shanghai Sitong S&T Dev Co., Ltd was founded in 1994,factory in shanghai, the staff of the company is more than 300, our products including display Cases,display cabinets,display stands, display racks,acrylic display and so on.Our products mainly serve to cosmetics company, small appliances company, wine company and other company. If you are a 4A advertising company, and you want to achieve your brilliant design, or you are searching for a brand marketing cooperator for your products, or you are searching for a coproduction supplier for your products or parts,please contact us.

        SITONG DISPLAY is one of the famous display products  manufacturers in china. We help the world brand to design and manufacture their display props and store fixtures for point of purchase display, merchandising and daily sales. And we provide the products to satisfy the requirements of all our international cooperation partners.

        Our products are suitable for kinds of wine companies, cosmetics companies, electrical and electronics companies, and etc. If you are a 4A advertising company, and you want to achieve your brilliant design, or you are searching for a brand marketing cooperator for display and promotion, or you want to find a coproduction supplier for your products or parts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

        Our display products including display cabinets,display stands, acrylic display, counter  display ,display cases and display racks. We produced each of our products with honor and high-quality. Knowing the importance of the product presentation in the retailing, we make a certain enhanced features for our products that reflect the value of retail casework and commercial fixtures.

        Our POP displays for retail stores are elegant and pragmatic, making use of hardwood and laminate, fine in durability. The custom POP displays and store fixtures are easy to transport and fix while create a permanence effects, outstanding from others.

        The ranges of display products we supply include: acrylic plastic displays, wood display cases, vacuum formed displays, metal display stands and display racks. Whether the display products for cosmetic, perfume, home appliance, wine, cigarette, jewelry, signage, options are available from us among semi-permanent retail displays or permanent retail displays and store fixtures.

        From the project initiation to completion, you will experience the differences we do. One of our experienced and qualified sales representatives will work all around for you to deal with any questions during pre-production, production and post-production.

        The project will kick into high gear after we verify the retail display goals and the budget specifications. Then we develop those ideas into an innovative and functional design. And once the design has been finalized, we will construct a full size working prototype for the customer's approval.

        Our production staffs are skilled in all aspects and detail-oriented. Through each phases of production the highest standards of quality control are strictly followed. This ensures that each display unit delivered will meet customers’ expectations, specifications and schedule.